DELIXI 100VA Rail Type Voltage Converter

DELIXI 100VA Rail Type Voltage Converter

DELIXI 100VA low voltage transformer mini voltage transformer 1. input and output voltage selection of transformer a. select the transformer input voltage according to the power grid voltage The output voltage is selected according to the customers' demand and the output voltage is switched...

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DELIXI 100VA Rail Type Voltage Converter


ModelRated capacity(VA)External dimension(mm)
Installation size(mm)
Installation size(mm)
CDDB-252594×91.5×8465×10235mm Standard guide rail
CDDB-505094×91.5×8465×10235mm Standard guide rail
CDDB-100100100×97×9870×107.535mm Standard guide rail
CDDB-150150118×111×10785×12235mm Standard guide rail



35mm Standard guide rail


This series of guideway transformers is a kind of device that uses electromagnetic induction principle to change AC voltage. The main function of this product is voltage conversion, which can convert conventional AC into any voltage required by electronic, electrical equipment or any other voltages.

Mainly equipped with a variety of rail-type power occasions, industrial control automation, distribution boxes, complete sets of cabinets, small power supply and other places.

1. Altitude: ≤2000m;

2. Ambient air temperature: the maximum temperature is not more than 40 C, the minimum is not less than -5 C;

3. Relative air humidity: the monthly average maximum relative humidity of the wettest month is 90%, and the monthly average temperature of that month is + 25%;

4. Working environment:

A. There is no polluted and erosive explosive medium seriously affecting transformer insulation in the atmosphere.

B. There is no serious shaking and jolting in the installation place.

C. Free from rain and snow

D. The surrounding environment should have good ventilation conditions. If installed in the cabinet, ventilation equipment should be installed.


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