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Yin Zhijun, Vice Mayor Of Wenzhou, Investigates Delixi
- Sep 21, 2018 -

    On September 20, Yin Zhijun, vice mayor of Wenzhou, accompanied by Wu Chengqian, vice mayor of Yueqing, and other leaders,visited Delixi Industrial Park to investigate the basic scientific and technological work of Delixi.Zhang Yong,the executive vice president of the group and Chen Jianchun, the party secretary, received guests.



     Yin Zhijun and his delegation visited Delixi Exhibition and Experience Center. In front of the staff's R&D patent wall, Zhang Yong introduced the R&D and innovation of the company's grass-roots staff. Yin Zhijun said that the wisdom of employees is infinite, give play to the strength of employees, is an important guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprise science and technology work.

      Yin Zhijun also detailed the situation of Delixi post-doctoral workstation, when he learned that the workstation and Hebei University, Xi'an University of Technology and other universities to carry out a number of cooperation, has won three National Science and Technology Progress Award, can not help but praise: "Delixi's gold mine" a lot of ah, to dig deep "gold mine" resources for Wenzhou Make greater contributions to technological innovation. "

       At the end of the survey, Yin Zhijun said that Delixi has been focusing on scientific and technological innovation for many years, and is the leader of scientific and technological innovation in Wenzhou enterprises. He hoped that Delixi would continue to strengthen the technical reserve, play a leading role in the transformation and upgrading of the electrical industry to make greater contributions.