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Visit Bangladesh BSTI
- Aug 16, 2018 -

   On the afternoon of May 5th, the head of watt-hour meter, the head of LED, the product engineer and Peace, regional manager visited BSTI (Bangladesh Standards Inspection Bureau)。


    we met with Abdur Rashid, vice director of BSTI, and Arafat Hossain Sarker, assistant director of BSTI. Arafat Hossain Sarker said he was happy that Chinese companies and influential brands entered the Bangladesh market and believed Delixi.It is also believed that Delhi will make quality products based on the Bangladesh market。


    Peace, the regional manager, asked Arafat Hossain Sarker about Bangladesh's specifications and safety requirements for LEDs and explained in detail the sample inspection process. Abdur Rashid also provided us with samples of the factory inspection reports for the watt-hour meters, and Delisi two factories. The boss has demonstrated the long-term stability in the monk market and the establishment of a local factory hospital.