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The Origin Of LED Bulbs
- Apr 19, 2018 -

In 1963, Holoniac invented the world's first red-emitting semiconductor laser. This laser diode has now become a key component of CDs, DVDs, players, laser printers and copiers. Since the 1970s, Holoniac has begun the work of extending the luminescence spectrum of light-emitting diodes to invisible light—infrared light. Infrared diodes will not only change long-distance communication systems, but will also change the face of computers. Nowadays, with nearly 80 years of age, Holoniak is still pursuing the intention of using light-emitting diodes to integrate a large number of optical switches on chips and realize the dream of optical computers.

Bologna's contribution is to give new insights to future generations and open up new ways to study new light sources and new devices. People have made light emitting diodes capable of emitting yellow, green, blue, and white colors. Today's giant display fans made of light-emitting diodes are everywhere in the world, and the numbers shown are quite clear even during the day. The traffic lights and all the lights in the car use almost all light-emitting diodes.

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