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The Happy Summer Vacation Of Children In Delixi
- Aug 09, 2018 -

    Every summer vacation, delixi company will come to a group of "small migratory birds" - usually stay away from the parents of the children, come to Hangzhou and family reunion to spend a happy summer vacation. In order to keep the children from other fields to spend a happy summer vacation with their parents, and to keep the employees in work more comfortable, the delixi trade union, with the support of the company and the cooperation of all parties, held the 2018 summer holiday "small waiting bird safe holiday plan", which was taken seriously and affirmed by the Hangzhou Federation of trade unions. The general staff's point of praise.


    Deputy director jin Lei, a city industrial worker, assigned the gift to the children.

    fileUpload 1.jpg

     Chen Leilei, chairman of delixi trade union, divided the gifts into the hands of the        children.

      In August 2nd, the deputy director of the Hangzhou industrial trade union, Chen Leilei, and the chairman of the Hangzhou German trade union, came to the nursery of the small migrant bird summer class, where they visited the children of the "little migratory birds" in the summer vacation. They sent their schoolbags, stationery and snacks to them, and sent the love and blessing from the union. Take it to your child.


     The common purpose of the company is to create a safe and happy environment for "small migratory birds", and let them enjoy a happy summer vacation in the beautiful Hangzhou with their parents.