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The Evolution Of Wall Switches
- Apr 19, 2018 -

1.the early switch, commonly known as: pull wire (rope) switch, pull light switch (Laden switch); it is easy to pull the rope off.

2.toggle switch: cancel the rope, pull the wire directly to the bed or wall, reach out to the light to the place, in fact, this installation method is extremely unsafe. Not science either.

3.then, the above two kinds of switches directly to the 86-type switch, but its switch is also extremely inconvenient, the keys are small (commonly known as nail keys). Not easy to say bad, sparks will be sparked when the lights are on and off.

4.later, the wall switch gradually evolved rocker switch, has become the current mainstream. There are 86 types (86*86mm), 118 types (long bars) and 120 types.

5.now the highest technical content is the remote control switch, intelligent wall switch, no wiring switch, touch switch. Intelligent delay switch, remote control switch, hotel free wiring switch, villa free wiring switch, intelligent voice-activated switch. The drawback of this type of switch is that the technology is not mature, stable, and expensive.