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Strategic Objectives Meeting In August
- Aug 02, 2018 -

  Yesterday, the Ministry of China World Trade Center held a meeting on the second half of the 

year's work plan.


    At the beginning of the meeting, the manager took us back to the performance of the first half of the year and summed up the reasons in time. The salesmen responded positively to some of the problems encountered in doing business. We shared experience and positive feedback. We believe that we have a more clear target for the work of the next step.

    During the meeting, the manager shared some successful management methods and formulated some specific management measures. hopeing that our team can be the same as the campus that everyone can help each other,and like the army again, everyone is a soldier with discipline, courage and goal.

    Finally, we hope that our team can become a outstanding team everyone can accomplish their goals and to provide customers with better service, and actively meet customer needs. Contribute to the progress and development of Delixi.