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Safety Fire Protection Training In Delixi, Hangzhou
- Jun 15, 2018 -

 The first stage: special equipment personnel training, mainly for the company's internal special equipment operators to conduct comprehensive training. Most of the case accidents are mainly due to the lack of safety awareness of the operators. The operation skills are not clear, that is, to go on duty, without evidence, and the supervision department is negligent. This training focuses on the relevant laws and regulations, the related rules and regulations of the company and the basic operation of the equipment.

 Second: special type of work personnel training, participants in the work of workers exposed to dust, paint, solder smoke more workers mainly, the course by case analysis and relevant laws and regulations to carry out, mainly to improve the consciousness of labor protection in special work work, tamping the foundation of occupational health management.

 Third: fire safety training, mainly aimed at the warehouse administrators, electricians, gas managers, and the company's safety management backbone energy-saving comprehensive training. The course content is based on the basic knowledge of combustion science, fire protection laws and regulations, and the related system of the company, to promote the essential improvement of the safety management level of the key parts of the fire control. Teacher Zhou Wenjun in class shared a lot of shocking cases, examples: Tianjin Rui Hai company explosion, Jiangsu Qidong fire and explosion time, and so on...