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LED Light Bulb Development
- Apr 19, 2018 -

Industrial lighting technology plays a major role in the IT and BIO revolution (significant role)

LED is a new light in the 21st century, its application and research and rapid development

LED technology in South Korea and East Asia leads the world market (accounting for 70% of the world market)

The huge wave of LED technology will be the second revolution in the history of human lighting

In the next five years, LED technology will move to whitelight, fluorescent, and halogen alternatives.

In 2010, LED lamps will account for 16% of the world's lighting market.

Lighting Memorabilia

1879 Edison Invents Electric Lights

1959 Halogens come out

1961 High pressure sodium lamp come out

1962 Metal halide lamp

1969 First LED (red)

1976 Green LED light

1983 Fluorescent light came out

1993 Blue LED Light

1999 white LED light

2000 LED for indoor lighting

The development of LED is the second revolution since the development of white-heat lamp lighting 120 years ago

From the beginning of the 21st century, LEDs developed through the wonderful encounters between nature, humans and science will become innovations in the light world and an essential green revolution in light for humanity.

LED will be a great light revolution since Edison invented the bulb.

The status of LED light bulbs is mainly based on high-power white LED single lights. The world's top three LED light manufacturers have three-year warranty, with large particles equal to or more than 100 lumens per watt, and small particles greater than or equal to 110 lumens per watt. Light decay large particles less than 3% per year, light decay small particles less than 3% per year.

LED solar street lights, LED flood lights, LED ceiling lights, LED fluorescent lamps can already be mass produced. For example, a 10-watt LED fluorescent lamp can replace a 40-watt ordinary fluorescent lamp or an energy-saving lamp.