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Jia Yu, Procurator General Of Zhejiang Provincial Procuratorate——investigates And Inspects Delixi
- Sep 20, 2018 -

     On September 18, Jia Yu, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Procurator General of Zhej iang Procuratorate, accompanied by Chen Shuming, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Wenzhou Procuratorate, Lin Yijun, Secretary of Yueqing Municipal Party Committee, Wu Songhai, Bao Guangxu and other city leaders, came to Delixi Industrial Park to investigate and inspect the service of the inspection organs to non-public economic development. Hu Chengzhong, chairman of the board of directors of the group, and the leaders of the group, Zhang Yong, Lu Youzhong, Chen Jianchun, received Jia Yu and his party warmly.


     In the brand-new upgraded image experience center of the group, Hu Chengzhong introduced to Jia Yu in detail the development process, production and operation, as well as industrial layout and other aspects of Delixi. Jia asked about Delixi's investment and achievements in intelligent manufacturing and research and development of science and technology. He was also very concerned about the group's party building and overseas rights protection of enterprises. During the visit, Jia Yu fully affirmed the rapid development of Delici over 30 years, and said that Delici was in the forefront of private enterprises in non-public party building.


    At the forum, Hu Chengzhong reported to Jia Yu about the operation of Deli group. In his report, he said that after more than 30 years of development, Delixi has a solid industrial base, expanding market and steady and progressive business performance. He hoped that procuratorial organs at all levels would continue to support and help Delixi's development. Jia Yu pointed out that in the current economic situation, Delixi still achieved gratifying growth, worthy of recognition. The procuratorial organs, as the state's legal supervision organs, should provide professional judicial assistance to enterprises. When enterprises develop to a certain extent, they will encounter problems such as contract contracts and foreign law application. The procuratorial organs should strengthen their study, understand various legal systems, evade risks for enterprises, effectively improve business environment and support enterprises. Healthy development ensures the healthy growth of enterprises. He hoped Delici would develop better and better, actively promote the global layout, and bravely create world-class large enterprises.