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Hangzhou Delixi Carries Out Joint Learning Speech Activities
- Sep 20, 2018 -

    On September 14, Hangzhou Branch of China Quality Certification and Delixi of Hangzhou held a joint lecture activity on the theme of "joint lectures on Party courses and new development of cooperation". Sun Li, director of China Quality Certification Hangzhou sub center, led the team to Hangzhou to share the party building work. Chen Jianchun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Delixi Group and Jiang Chunhua, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hangzhou Delixi Group received the guests and attended the joint lecture activities.


    At the meeting, Jiang Chunhua and Sun Li introduced the Party building work of Hangzhou Delixi Group and Hangzhou Branch of China Quality Certification. The two sides expressed their appreciation for each other's Party building characteristics and hoped to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in Party building work in the future. Subsequently, Chen Jianchun attended a party lesson for the attendees to promote the spirit of the Red Ship and walk in the forefront of the new era. Chen Jianchun's speeches made it clear that the history and mission of the party were better understood. Everyone expressed that the class was vivid and benefited a lot.

    This activity is an important practice of carrying out the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party, strengthening the Party's construction, promoting the development of various work by Party building, and further promoting the normalization and institutionalization of learning and education of "two learning and one doing". It is also the sixth activity after the establishment of the "Delixi New Era Workshop".

    "Delixi New Era Workshop" is vigorously carrying out propaganda activities, striving to carry out the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping's new era in all aspects of enterprise development, and further enhance the ideological awareness, moral standards, civilized quality and skills of Party members, cadres and workers. The new brand of the party building of the company has promoted the development of high quality enterprises.