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Group Set Up Customer Service Center
- Jun 21, 2018 -

   It is understood that the customer service center consists of two departments, namely, the technical service department and the after sales service department. The technical service department will mainly accept the 800 free service hotline, the implementation of pre sales, sale and after-sales technical services, customer complaints and quality accidents, and the after-sales service department will work around the product "three packages", feedback the user information and so on.The service center will take measures such as strictly limiting the working cycle and setting up a scientific and reasonable work flow to improve the efficiency and shorten the working process. According to the relevant regulations, the customer's price consultation, product purchase, technical consultation and other information should be answered in time, the answer is not correct, the personnel should ask the technical personnel or the relevant departments to accept the reply in time, strictly prohibit the acceptance of dragging and kicking the ball, and control the customer's information processing cycle. In 1 working days.

  The establishment of customer service center will become a highlight of the marketing service of Deli group.