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Delixi Sent Representatives ToThe Hundred Regiments Offensive Organized By Alibaba.
- Sep 05, 2018 -

     In order to break through the achievements, increase the work spirit, strengthen the sales enthusiasm, but also intuitive to see the work status and enthusiasm of other foreign trade salesmen, sales performance of other companies, the atmosphere of the whole foreign trade industry.


     In this activity,In order to enhance solidarity and enhance fighting spirit players was sharing their sales experience each other and playing interesting games. After the activity, Delixishared his experience at the departmental meeting in time to encourage everyone towork harder and strive for their dreams. 



    For this activity, each participant has his own experience.For Peace, the Delixi's salesman said that through a variety of outreach activities such as pulling ropes to enhance teamwork, he realized what kind of environment would generate fighting spirit, to create that you can  overcome any difficulties for himself at all times.

    For Peter,the driector of department said the event made him understand why, for whom, for himself, for a better tomorrow.


     This is a very meaningful activity, and I hope our Delixi soldiers can cherish this experience, the business can do better, and strive for their dreams.