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Delixi Salesman Receives Egyptian Customers.
- Aug 14, 2018 -

    Last week, Egyptian customers visited Delici for a week of field trips and were satisfied with Delixi's superior industrial skills and scale. During the inspection, the salesman, Will, was very patient with the customers, actively accompanied them, and was willing to accept their needs and suggestions.



    Delixi has always been highly appraise at home and abroad with high quality industrial technology and meticulous service. In order to satisfy the customers, our salesman, Will, devoted most of his time to accompanying the customers and making plans. Finally, under our unremitting efforts, the customer saw the quality of our products and our serious attitude, signed the list.



  hoping that the Egyptian customers will have a pleasant trip to China and hope to have more cooperation with Delixi in the future.hopeing our salesman Will will be able to sum up more experience in this accompany, and the better the business will be.