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Delixi Electric Brings EasyPro Series Solution To The Expo.
- Sep 21, 2018 -

     On September 19, 2018, the 20th China International Industrial Exposition (hereinafter referred to as the "Expo") officially opened in Shanghai. From the perspective of new breakthroughs in the integration of manufacturing and the Internet, the Expo highlights the scientific achievements and development trend of China's manufacturing industry led by technological innovation. It also attracts 2631 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany and France, to participate in the exhibition. The audience is expected to exceed 170,000 times.

     Driven by the new industrial form of digitalization, networking and intellectualization, Delixi Group has steadily increased its investment in the main electric industry in recent years, accelerated technological innovation, product innovation, business model innovation, and launched new products and service solutions welcomed by the market.

     At this trade fair, Delixi Electric Co., Ltd. first launched its EasyPro series of low-voltage electrical appliances industry solutions under the theme of "Innovation and Navigation Green Intelligence" and officially announced its full life cycle of intelligent, green, quality and cost-effective services for 11 subdivisions of new energy, power, construction and other industries. Product series solutions, innovative technology for industry customers to build a green intelligent "future low-voltage electrical era" road. During the conference, Delixi also held an on-site contract signing ceremony with some of its customers from the electrical, industrial, OEM and real estate industries.


   "Easy stands for convenience, Pro stands for Professional specialty, which is consistent with the concept of energy-saving, efficiency-enhancing, and future-creating that Delixi Electric Solutions upholds," said Lou Feng, chief operating officer of Delexi Electric. With the release of a new series of EasyPro industry solutions, Delixi Electric will provide customized solutions and product selection for the needs of industry customers, optimize the allocation of resources, and help customers achieve the goal of "cost reduction and efficiency" in the most cost-effective way, thereby further strengthening market competitiveness To jointly meet future challenges and create value for Chinese enterprises and society.

    As China's economy enters a stage of high-quality development, the conversion of new and old kinetic energy is accelerating significantly. New kinetic energy, supported by new production factors such as information technology, intelligent manufacturing and new energy, is accelerating its formation. In this context, the rapid development of new kinetic energy provides a development opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of China's low-voltage electrical appliances industry. The application fields of low voltage electrical appliances are gradually expanding to smart grid, new energy, green building and other emerging industries. In the face of innovation, intelligence, green as the center of the industry development pattern, low-voltage electrical appliances enterprises to develop innovative technology and product research and development, to provide customers with a full life cycle solution is particularly critical.


    As a 10-year joint venture, Delixi has been based on the development of the industry, focusing on customer needs, relying on its mature R&D system, continuously explore and actively innovate in products and solutions, providing safe and reliable electricity experience for all industries. The Delicious Electric EasyPro Industry Solution, which covers 11 industries in five major areas: industrial control, construction, power, new energy and data centers, and communications, aims to create the most cost-effective solution for customers with stable and reliable products, green energy-saving, innovative and beautiful design and intelligent and flexible performance. Optimal configuration.


   Mr. Zhong Dengqing, Director of Strategies and Marketing Department of Delixi Electric, said: "We are aiming at the low-voltage distribution industry to industry layout solutions, the 11 solutions released this time is only a good start, in the future we will provide more industries with green intelligent low-voltage electrical solutions. Delixi Electric is proud to be able to help customers take the lead in low-voltage power distribution. In addition, Delici Electric simulated Delixi's factory power supply system through a sand table at the exhibition, simulating factory lighting, dormitory lighting, automatic feeding AGV cars, factory water supply system, factory ventilation system, fully demonstrated. It presents intelligent distribution solutions and related application scenarios, attracting many spectators to visit. In this exhibition, Delixi Electric will join hands with the industry's authoritative media, MasterCard and industrial control network, using the online and offline mode, live broadcast of the EasyPro solution conference in real time, attracting tens of thousands of viewers to watch, so that more people can further understand the latest developments of Delixi Electric.