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Delixi Activities On The August 1 Army Festival
- Aug 01, 2018 -

    In order to carry forward the tradition of the Delixi, Delixi launched a variety of activities to support the army on the eve of August 1.


     In July 27th, the group leader Hu Chenghu, Chen Jianchun and the president of the electric company, Shi Lvzhen, took the children of the"small migratory bird"summer class with delixi electric to a certain department of the Navy, visiting the Navy officers and soldiers who were holding their posts and sent condolences.During the condolences,the group leaders held the hands of the naval officers and men,and expressed their gratitude and admiration for the courage of the vast number of officers and men to dedicate and defend their homes.Officers and soldiersthanked Delixi for their support for the army and hoped that the two sides would continue to strengthen party building exchanges and learning in the future.Subsequently,the"Little Migratory Birds"also brought to officers and soldiers carefully prepared recitation, songs, dances and other programs, won the warm applause of officers and soldiers.


    On July 30th, Chen Jianchun, the party secretary of the group, came to the Yueqing fire department to condolence with the fire officers and soldiers. Chen Jianchun held the hands of the fire officers and soldiers, Lianlian thanked them for their contributions to the protection of Yueqing people's lives and property safety, and sent a batch of summer supplies. The leaders of Yueqing Fire Bureau thanked Delici for his concern and support, and hoped that the two sides would strengthen cooperation and jointly promote the construction of safe Yueqing.



     On the morning of July 31, Chen Jianchun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, led the responsible persons of the 18 companies under his leadership to the Liushi Town Fire Station to express their condolences, and presented a bathroom supplies. On the afternoon of that afternoon, Chen Jianchun and his delegation paid a visit to the officers and men of the Ministry of human 

resources in Yueqing.



    On behalf of the group, he extended Festival congratulations to the officers and soldiers fighting in the front line for a long time, and expressed his sincere respect to the broad masses of officers and soldiers for safeguarding the peace of one side. He hoped that the officers and men of the Ministry of civil affairs would regularly visit and instruct Delixi to strengthen cooperation between the two sides. The leadership of the Ministry of force was very grateful to delixi warm condolences and expressed that Deli was a demonstration enterprise of the Yueqing people's armed forces, and hoped that the two sides would work together to explore a new way for the integration and development of the military and the people in Yueqing.