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Customers Visit Delixi
- Aug 29, 2018 -

    On these two days, we received customers from Shanghai and Hongkong.Two customers said they were very interested in delixi's switchgear and wanted to establish a partnership with Delixi.During this period, Joanna, International Trade director, accompanied the customers to visit the factory, Delicious International Electrical Co., Ltd.explained the advantages of Delicious switch socket over other companies.


47B33CF4A2A6088C334ED3D4110E038D.jpg     Zhejiang DelixiInternational Electrotechnics Co., Ltd. is the core enterprise of DelixiGroup. It is one of the leading backbone enterprises in China's construction and electrical industry. It is the earliest enterprise to introduce the marketing concept of "home electrical    integrated solution".The main design and production of high-grade electrical, lighting, small household appliances and other household electrical products. The company has advanced research and development, production, testing equipment, product design and development in the forefront of the industry.



        Compared with other suppliers, Delixi socket grounding plate and metal plus galvanized, material is not easy to rust, and the appearance is more concise and nice.Finally, the customer also visited our other products, such as inverter, welding machine, ammeter, and so on, and affirmed our strength, willing to cooperate with us in the next step.



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