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Delixi Core Value
- Aug 24, 2018 -


Guided by consumption, have an insight into consumer demand; Track back to the source, comprehensively grasp the supply network; Strictly control the process, create every link of the value creation.Let every job, every link become a model of excellence. Only the outstanding technology, can create the outstanding product; only the outstanding service, can mold the outstanding quality.

High Efficiency

One center: everything is centered on efficiency.

Two basic points: persist to the right thing; persist in doing the right thing.

Three principles: systematic thinking, standardized operation, humanistic management.


Mutual respect between individuals; mutual tolerance between old and new staff; mutual trust between upper and lower levels; mutual support among departments; synergy between units. There is no limit to cooperation and no limit to resultant force.


Willing to put in---who pays, who gains.

Tenacity---who sharpens, who advances.

Willing to forge ahead---who works hard, who grows.

Speciality---who innovates, who excel.