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Classification Of Wall Switches
- Apr 19, 2018 -

1.1: Switch classification

According to the starting method of the switch: Pull switch, rotary switch, reverse pull switch, push button switch, rocker switch. Touch switch, reset switch, light point switch, etc.

1.2: Commonly used switches are classified by connection type.

According to the connection mode of the switch: single control switch, dual control switch, bipolar (dual) dual control switch and so on.

1.3 According to size

Divided by size: Type 86, Type 118, Type 120

Geographical distribution: Most of the domestic use of 86-type switches (80% of the country's area), some areas use 118, 120 with little use.

1.4 Classified by function

One billing (double) control Two billing (double) control Three billing (double) control Four billing (double) control

Sound and light control delay switch Touch delay switch Doorbell switch Speed adjustment (dimming) switch Card access switch