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Brand Meaning
- Aug 24, 2018 -

  A. “DELIXI” is taken from the enterprise mission----" Morality for humanity, force for the future". The implication is to constantly seek common and win-win solutions, create an environment in which all parties share one mind and work together, and promote people's quality of life. And also create a brilliant human life through our efforts.

  B. The overall appearance of the logo is simple and rough, adopting the combination of red and black two main colors. It  is full of force and beauty, which has the sense of modern; Moreover, the logo is compact and condensed, having smooth handwriting, which symbolizes the unity, harmony and development of the corporate spirit.

       C. DELIXI is synonymous with French DELUXE. French DELUXE means high quality, which implies that DELIXI is pursuing excellence constantly

  D. " Morality for humanity, force for the future"  It can inspire all the people of DELIXI to "lay a solid foundation and practice their internal skills ", and display the corporate image of "honesty and trustworthiness, pioneering and enterprising".



      Ade is a charismatic cartoon cow. In Chinese traditional culture, cow is the incarnation of virtue and the symbol of power. Ade embodies the lofty enterprise mission of DELIXI----" Morality for humanity, force for the future"