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Alibaba's Cross-border Trade Business Summit
- Aug 10, 2018 -

   Alibaba cross border trade summit held in Hangzhou in August 8 2018 international trade colleague rena represented Delixi attend Alibaba's cross-border trade business summit


   This is a grand meeting of global interoperability.With the theme of "Global Merchants and Excellent Traders", this summit, based on China and looking at the world, brings a new interpretation of the trend of cross-border trade in many dimensions to the nearly 2,000 Chinese cross-border trade elites. At the summit, government leaders, experts in cross-border trade, representatives of global quality buyers, representatives of Chinese quality merchants, media journalists and thousands of cross-border trade practitioners will gather to discuss the global trade pattern in the new Sino-US trade environment and how the new pattern will bring to China's small and medium-sized enterprises. Global opportunities for cross-border development.

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