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VFD Series CDI-EC10 Series module VFD
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Production Introduction

CDI-EC1O Series module VFD(Variable-frequency Drive) is the flexibly-assembled single phase low duty VFD, it adopts optimized open-loop vector 
control and V/F control with reliable performance and optimized functions, common contiguration applied by customers can also be saved by the VFD. Besides, it adopts the assembly mode with one rectifier module and a number of inverter modules (at most 3 Pieces) constituted together so that favorable cost performance is achieved
Product Characteristics

  ■Function configuration is simplified to achieve high cost performance.
  ■Elegant and Delicate Contour
The VDF adopts module-structure design,and can be mounted via either chute or screw fastening. The VDF canbe flexibly-assembled according to customer requirements.
  ■Integrated Communication Module

Applicable Scenarios

The VFD is mainly applied at low power equipment without limits for input and output, and closed loop vector control is also not
required here for the equipment
It can be used in packaging machine, lens polisher, die-cutting machine, engraving machine, loom, glass-making machine and print
Applicable Scenarios

Inverter Module