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Types of wall sockets
- Apr 19, 2018 -

1.The switch is divided into one open/two open/three open/four open (also called: single-joint triple triple or quadruple three-digit four; etc.; several switches are juxtaposed on one panel to control different lights , commonly known as a number of switches), switches which are divided into single control and dual control. For example: a billing control and a dual control; two open dual control.

2.single control switch: only open here, this side off. One switch controls one lamp, two switches control two different lamps, three switches control three different lamps, and four switches control four different lamps.

3.dual control switch: It is possible to control a light in two different places at the same time, such as the door and head of the room, stairs, halls, etc., need to pre-wire, can be opened here, and the other side closed. Single control can not be used for double control, dual control can be used for single control.

4.single control switch socket: control socket outlet power, easy to use, plug not pull unplugged, can also be used as a separate switch, used for common electrical appliances, such as microwave ovens, washing machines, individually controlled mirror headlights.

5.double control switch with socket: a single control switch with socket function. This switch can also be used to control the lamp on both sides together with other dual control switches.