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Soft Start Series CDRA Appliance Type \Integrated Type
- Aug 23, 2018 -


Production Introduction

As a motor control equipment that integrates soft start, soft shutdown, light load energy saving and multiple functions, Delixi soft starter(hereinafter referred to as "this product") can start motor smoothly without generating impact in the whole starting process, and can also adjust various parameters, such as current limit, starting time, in starting process according to the characteristics of motor load. It can be divided into 2 types, appliance type and integtated type.
◆Product Characteristics

     ■Multiple starting types:Soft start based on current limit, soft start based on voltage ramp, and soft start based on ramp+current limit
    ■High reliability: The digital processing of signals in control system is implemented by the high-performance micro processor unit.
    ■Strong anti-interference perfomance:Simple adjusting mode,photoelectric isolation for all signals in control units, and different
anti-noise levels

    ■Optimized structure: Special compact structure design and combined upper plastic housing and lower metal structure, meeting the requirement for aesthetics and firmness.
    ■Motor protection: Multiple motor protection functions(such as over-current,
input/output phase loss, short circuit of thyristor, and overheat protection)

    ■Convenient Maintenance: The monitor signal coding system composed of 4-digit display can monitor the working conditions of system equipment.
◆Applicable Scenarios

Crusher type load, compressor type load, transmission type load, pump type load, fan type load