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MD-01new model watt hour meter
- Aug 29, 2018 -

Product Brief Interoduction 

The MD-01 type single phase two wires KWh meter is a new model watt hour meter which adopts advanced microeletronics technology,large-scale integrated circuits and digital sampling technology.According to the residents of electricity management needs,we carry on the design,manufacture of the meter.the meter is designed for measurement of electric energy flowing in one or two directions in households and commerciasl customers in single-phase 2-wire networks.

the total active power is directly displayed by LCD,which offers superior readability and reliability .meter records reverse energy consumption 

Function Features

  1. Measure power energy and display the number with character wheel register,can calculate reverse electricity as normal electricity power  

  2. Few periphery component,simple structure,low power consumption;

  3. Adopt high reliability and long life electronic com ponent,so the meter assumes feature of high reliability and long life;

  4. adopts advanced microelectronics technology,large-scale integrated circuits and digital sampling technology,do not need calibrate for long term operation.