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LED panel light parts
- Apr 19, 2018 -

1.reflective paper:

Reflect the back light of the light guide plate to improve the light efficiency, generally RW250.

2.rear cover:

The main role is to seal the LED panel lights, generally with 1060 aluminum, can also play a little cooling effect.

3.drive power:

There are two kinds of led drive power supply, one is the use of constant current power supply, this model has high efficiency, PF value of up to 0.95, cost-effective; second is the use of constant voltage with constant current power supply, stable performance, but low efficiency, high cost, generally use this This type of power supply is mainly exported. The other party requires certification and must use a safe power supply. In fact, the use of a constant current power supply in the home is very safe, because users are difficult to access the power supply, and the lamp itself uses a safe low-voltage power.