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Inverter Series CDI-E180 Series General VFD
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Production Introduction

  This product is a high-performance vector control. V/F control, close-up vector control, and also with stable performance and rich functions. It can be widely used in the occasions that require high speed control precison, torque response speed and low-frequency output torque.

Technical Characteristics

   ■Excellent perfprmance

     This product uses new vector control algorithm,and has large starting torque,quick torque response and high control precision,so that it can further improve the operating efficiency of motor.

   ■Powerful functions and low using cost

     This product is provided with losts of built-in function modules,including timer, virtual time delay relay, computing module,etc ,whic are equivalent to a small PLC. Therefore ,customer's using cost can be reduced significantly.

   ■Convenient application

      This product is provided with a special build-in machine,so that customers can convert between normal machines and special machines easily through a function code.Customer are also allowed to select machine model and use them flexibly.

   ■Flexible model selection

      Standard built-in braking units for machines of 15KW and below,optional built-in braking units for machines of 18.5--30KW ,and external braking units for machines 37KW and above.

      Standard DCreactors for machines of 11KW,15KW and 200KW and above,and optional DCreators for machines of 18.5--55KW

Applicable Scenarios

 Electric power,textile and fiber,building materials,petroleum,chemical,metallurgy,municipal administration,paper making,food and beverage ,etc.

Options and accessories

  E 180-I/O expansion board;E 180-PG encoder expansion board;E 180-485 communication expansion board;e 180-DP communication expansion board

 E 180-ZS expansion board for injection molding machine;E 180-WSP expansion board for water supply with constant pressure.