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Inverter Series CDI-E102 Series Economical VFD
- Aug 23, 2018 -

◆Production Introduction
This product is a delicate and economic small power inverter of classic model that is provided with optimized open-loop vector control,V/F control, and also with stable performance, rich functions and commonly used configurations and high price-quality ratio
Technical Characteristics
   ■Simplified function configuration and higher price-quality ratio
        According to the functions commonly used by users,thi product is provided with optimized function configurations to reduce resource consumption, improve priced-quality ratio and improve product competence.
   ■Exquisite appearance& structure
       This product is provided with a beautiful and elegant appearance structure; its slide mounting and
hole mounting can be compatible with each other, making it convenient for use
   ■Integrated communication module
        This product is provided with RS-485 communication module that can realize standard MODBUS-RTU
communication; one upper computer can communicate with several inverters at the same time,showing quick speed and good anti-interference effect
   ■Flexible model selection
       Standard built-in braking units for machines of 15 kw and below, optional built-in braking units for machines of 18.5-22 kW
       Standard DC reactors for machines of 1l kW and 15 kW, and optional DC reactors for machines of 18.5-22 kW
Applicable Scenarios
This product is mainly used in small power occasions that have certain requirements for input/output functions and do not require close-loop vector control
Engraving machinery, textile machinery, glass machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, etc.
◆Options Accessories
External keyboard and external extended line