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Cable fitting
- Oct 18, 2018 -

   DTL series  AI-CU connection terminal is suitable for transition joint of distribution device aluminium core cable and electric equipment.DL aluminium is used for aluminium terminal linking of aluminium core cable and electric eauipment.DT copper terminal is used for copper terminal is used for copper terminal electric equipment.DT copper terminal isused for copper terminal linking of copper core cable and electric equipment,L2:aluminium material,T2:copper maerial, TELproducts adopt friction welding workmanship,IT has advantage of good electric conductance,electrochemlcal corrosion resistance,long service life.GTL copper aluminium connection tube is suitbable for the transition linking of distribution cable and copper core cable ,GL aluminium connection tube is used for the linking of copper core cable,GT series oil-blocking type connection pipe is machined with T2 bar copper,GT series through-hole type connection pipe is pressed with T2 copper pipe,GTL series of copper-aluminium connection pipe is processed through friction welding workmaship and of reliable queltiy.