2.2KW 50Hz 60Hz Power Inverter DELIXI EM60

2.2KW 50Hz 60Hz Power Inverter DELIXI EM60

1.Pictures of DELIXI EM60 2.2KW 50Hz 60Hz Power Inverter 2.Introduction of DELIXI EM60 2.2KW 50Hz 60Hz Power Inverter The CDI-EM60-series inverter is a mini-type low-power inverter with optimum SVC and V/F control, stable performance and simplified functions. It reserves the configuration...

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1.Pictures of DELIXI EM60 2.2KW 50Hz 60Hz Power Inverter


CDI-E102G7R5&P011T4B.jpg2.Introduction of DELIXI EM60 2.2KW 50Hz 60Hz Power Inverter

The CDI-EM60-series inverter is a mini-type low-power inverter with optimum SVC and V/F control, stable performance and simplified functions. It reserves the configuration most-frequently used by users, and can be extended with several I/O and communication interfaces.

3.Application of DELIXI EM60 2.2KW 50Hz 60Hz Power Inverter

Mainly applies to low-power non-VC situations with demanding requirements for input/output.
Die-cutting machine, carving machine, textile machine, glass-making machine, dyeing machine, book sewer, automatic production line and food machine.

4.Technical Characteristics of DELIXI EM60 2.2KW 50Hz 60Hz Power Inverter

1).Small size and easy operation; Embedded with DC brake function and can have optional external brake unit; Accuracy of stop position.
2).Separate keyboard that supports hot plug and can be pulled out to a distance of 50m at most; a copy keyboard with parameter control is optional.
3).Extensible RS485 communication interface which enables standard MODBUS-RTU communication and can be compatible with a variety of host computers.
4).Long service-life with a controllable fan; the AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) function ensures large output torque in case of low input voltage.
5).Multiple protection functions to ensure safe and reliable operation of the motor.

6).All standard products have been treated with conformal coatings.
7).Air-duct isolated by windshields to ensure good thermal dissipation and thus significantly improved adaption to the environment.

5.EM60 Series Inverter Technical Standard

ControlControl ModeV/F control
Open-loop Vector Control (SVC)
Vector Control (VC) (Not applicable to E100/E102/EM60 series)
Frequency PrecisionDigital: 0.02%
Analog: 0.1%
V/F CurveLinear, square root, any V/F
Overload CapacityG-type: 150% rated current for 60s; 180% rated current for 3s
P-type: 120% rated current for 60s; 150% rated current for 3s
Start TorqueG-type: 0.5Hz/150% (SVC); 0Hz/180% (VC)

Speed Adjustment 


1:100 (SVC)      1:1000 (VC)

Steady Speed 


0.5% (SVC)       0.02% (VC)
Torque Precision5% (VC)



Manual torque compensation (0.10%-30.0%); 

Automatic torque compensation

Operating ModeKey-board, terminal, RS485 communication
Frequency Source14 main sources, 14 auxiliary sources.
Easy switch between different modes.
Diversified input modes for every source: keyboard potentiometer, external analog,
digital setting, pulse frequency, multi-speed, simple PLC, communication, computing
results, etc.
Torque Source14 torque sources, including digital setting, external analog, pulse setting,
multi-order, communication, computing results, etc.

Acceleration and 

Deceleration Time

4 groups of lines (can be switched through the option terminals); 

S Curve 1, S Curve 2

Emergency StopInterrupt the output instantaneously
Multi-speed16-shift speeds at most; can be switched by different combination of order terminals
Simple PLCContinuous operation of 16-shift speeds; the acceleration/deceleration time, operating
time and frequency source for every shift can be set separately
Inching ControlInching frequency and inching acceleration/deceleration time can be set separately;
Inching can be prioritized in process.
Rotating-speed TrackTrack the start speed and operating speed of the inverter’s load

Length and 

Distance Control

Length and distance control through pulse inputs
CountingCounting through pulse inputs
Swing FrequencyFor winding machines in the textile industry
Internal PIDClosed-loop process control system is available
AVREnsure constant output in case of fluctuating grid voltage
DC BrakeQuick and stable parking is available
Slip CompensationCompensate the slip deviation due to increased load
Hopping FrequencyPrevent resonance with the load
Droop FunctionBalance the load rate of different motors which drive the same load
TimingAutomatic stop at a given time


6.EM60 Model Selection   

em60 .JPG

7.Other Series to Choose


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